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US Buildings highly recommends you purchase construction insurance before you assemble your building. The full structural integrity of your building is not reached until it is fully assembled and grouted into the footing.

US Buildings also highly recommends that you purchase insurance for the collapsing of your building. Please check with your local insurance agent for details. Construction Insurance (nation wide) is under $100.00 for minimum of $10,000.00 of coverage.

If you are using our channels, the building must be fully attached to the channel and the "C" channel must be grouted.

US Buildings will not be liable for any damage to the building, other property or persons during the construction process. Construction Insurance (nation wide) is under $100.00 for minimum of $10,000.00 of coverage

This web site is designed to escort you through the construction of your new US Building with ease. Simply click on the appropriate button to the left and you will be taken to the information related to the subject you have selected along with all the frequently asked questions.

Follow your manual to ensure your building is properly completed. Your building is not considered complete (reached its load capacity) until the building has been grouted into the trough of the foundation or the C-Channel connector. No grouting is required if industrial arch or end wall connectors have been used.

NOTE: Upon completion of the building notify your insurance agent and have the policy amended to reflect that the building is complete.

After completion of your building it is your responsibility to insure that the building is properly maintained; in particular to insure that no damage is caused to the building by the accumulation of snow or ice on the structure. If snow or ice accumulation exceeds the loading capability of the building, as outlined on your drawings, the building is subject to collapse. In the event the building is not properly maintained the seller and manufacturer shall not be responsible or liable for any damages, losses, or claims of any nature or kind, whether direct or indirect, sustained by such failure.

Wind or snow will damage/collapse the building if it has not been completed. US Buildings is not an insurance company; you should contact your insurance company if a problem arises. Do not call US Buildings.



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